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In order to meet any fishing need, we offer nearly every style and size fishing weight imaginable.
We have egg/slip weights, for Carolina rigs, teardrop weights for double hook and deep drop rigs, pyramid weights for beach and channel fishing, and more!

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Orvis clearwater Fishing Weights & Sinkers

  • The Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfits feature a quality graphite construction fly rod
  • Orvis Encounter Large Arbor Fly Reel
  • Orvis WF Floating Trout Fly Line
  • Dacron Backing
  • Tapered Leader
  • State of the art rod design with a smooth, crisp performance
  • Amazon's Choice

Downrigger weights

  • Pancake-style weight tracks smoothly through the water
  • Cast iron body with polyethylene coating
  • Coating protects your boat from scratches when pulling in your line
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 8 lbs. to 15 lbs.
  • Amazon's Choice

Swimbait hooks

  • Twistlock centering pin spring
  • Weighted 1/16oz
  • XXX strong forged shank
  • 30 degree eye bend
  • Amazon's Choice

Lead fishing weights & sinkers

  • name: unisex-adult
  • Fishing Terminal Tackle
  • Amazon's Choice

Tungsten fishing weights

  • Great in open water or rigged to fish weedless
  • Be used for flipping docks
  • Carolina Rigs and used to catch large mouth bass
  • Steel or brass which means fewer hang ups
  • Tungsten is much more sensitive than lead
  • You will feel every rock
  • log
  • Highest quality

Rod weight

  • Graphite and fiberglass construction offers lightweight durability and sensitivity
  • Clear Tip design delivers added responsiveness and strength
  • Lightweight EVA grips provide comfort during lengthy fishing outings
  • 3 ball bearings and one way clutch instant anti reverse bearing ensure smooth operation
  • 4/8" Ultra light Spinning Combo
  • 1 piece rod construction
  • Amazon's Choice

Fishing Weights

Fishing weights play a big role when it comes to fishing especially because they help in getting the desired distance when the line has been cast.

They also help in anchoring ability as well as making the line sink faster. They come in various shapes, sizes, and weight to better accommodate all kinds of fishing available today such as fly fishing and deep sea fishing. In the early times, rocks and stones are the preferred weight used for fishing but today, you will find that they come in different materials.

One of the most popular choices for fishing weights is lead. Lead fishing weights were frequently used because they were easy to acquire and they provide enough density. The only problem was that it was greatly affecting the environment due to lead poisoning. This occurs whenever lead fishing weights become lost in the waters during fishing. And because of the hazards of using lead in fishing weights, several countries have already banned the use of weights made from lead.

Today, manufacturers of fishing weights are looking for alternative materials to use. Some have even marketed the use of brass, steel and bismuth but they weren’t that popular with fishermen because of their low density and high cost. There is one material that is now being frequently used and that is tungsten. Although it costs more than lead materials, it provides double the density of lead, making it quite efficient to use. However, its effect to the environment has yet to be discovered.

When shopping for fishing weights, you will notice that they come in a variety of designs. There is the barrel shaped weights that usually have a hole in the middle that is normally narrow where the line is usually threaded. Bullet shaped weights are often used for fishing largemouth bass with plastic worms used as bait. The split-shots, on the other hand, are usually split in the middle and are crimped in some areas along the line. This type of fishing weight can be used for different purposes. For those who want to use weights that can reach the bottom, pyramid weights are the best option. They are often added at the end of the line using brass loops.

If you are planning on going on a fishing trip, see to it that you have all the necessary equipment and accessories. Have the proper bait on hand and of course, make sure that your fishing pole is suitable to your needs. Stock on fishing weights by visiting fishing retail outlets or you can go online to see what they have in store for you. You can get to purchase all types of fishing weights online and have them delivered to your home within a few days. These fishing weights are being sold at an affordable price and with the number of designs available; you wouldn’t have any trouble acquiring some for your use.

Have fun fishing and increase your chances of getting a good catch by using the right fishing weights available.

Lead Fishing Weights

Back in the day, a lot of things were made out of lead. Particularly, they were being used for fishing as lead fishing weights became a popular tool.

Fishing weights as you may know, is used to let the main bait sink into the water. Without a good fishing weight, there would almost be no chance that you can catch a fish, as the bait will not be visible to them underneath. Lead fishing weights would make great weights, as lead was heavier than some domestic metals but not as heavy as industrial ones. They were also cheaper compared to others too.

After years of using lead fish weights, governments around the world took notice of the harmful effects that they had on the fish and the water. Particularly in 1986, the UK banned it from any of their fishing areas. Through research, they found out that lead had very harmful effects to a lot of bodies of water as these carried chemicals which would not only harm the fisheries, but also destroy the balance of eco-life. Fish that were caught with lead fishing weights were immediately prohibited from being sold in the market and the government warned anyone who uses such materials.

saltwater fishing rods

Not a lot of people contradicted the new rulings as they found a better substitute to these harmful fish weights. Lead-free fish weights offered more benefits compared to their banned predecessors. They had the kind of benefits as that of lead weights but also with more freedom in terms of maintenance. Lead weights were sometimes a bit messy especially when it was time to clean them up. The lead-free variety on the other hand, were easier to clean, as only a few wipes would do.

Most lead-free weights are made from brass and steel. They are the cheapest makes as they would not cause too much disappointment when lost. Environmental groups though, still find it conspicuous to have weights made from factories to be used in fishing. They fear that they were still toxic and they contained the same chemicals as that of lead fish weights. Luckily for steel and brass weight users, those claims still haven’t been proven true.

If ever you are going fishing, refrain from using lead weights. Remember that the fish you catch and are bound to catch are still your responsibility. So do your part and don’t destroy their habitat.

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YES, and now the package include a new design travel case. you will love it.

It is, assuming you get a heavier system. For bonefish you’ll want at least an 8wt rig.

I use a 10wt MaxCatch Predator rod and Sparta reel for Tarpon and Redfish.

This set is ideal for trout and freshwater gamefish in the 4 to 6et range. I have this setup in a 5wt that I use for trout.

On the light action a 1/4 or 3/8 should work just fine. With the 6’6 or 7’0 medium and 8 to 12 lb test you could go up to 3/4. Anything above that might be too much.

No, but the reel lists what weights and how much it will hold of each.
4/lb 190 yds, 6/lb 140 yds, 8/lb 110 yds.

The 1 ounce bank sinker is 1/2 inch in diameter.

We actually melt the solid lead, in a melting pot. We pour the lead into a 1 oz mold, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. We actually have two molds. We do those two mold 8 times to give me 16 1 oz pure lead sinkers.
We do this on the day of your order. This order, if We do this for you, is made just for you. It is made special for you and We even date the bag when it was actually made for you

The centering pin is about 7/16 of an inch long.

If you have the ball facing toward you and the fin facing away it looks like it barely bends to the right

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