Popular Types of Fishing Hooks and When to Use Them

Fishing hooks do come in all shapes and sizes. Each one of them is designed for different kinds of fishing. If you are new to fishing, it can be difficult to navigate, not knowing which is which. This post explains the types of fishing hooks and when to use what. Some of the most popular and hence commonly used hooks are as follows:

The Bait Hook

The shank of this hook is built with tiny barbs on this type of hook. The shanks work quite well by holding secure and in place any live baits such as leeches.These are usually quite slippery, and cannot be easily anchored by any normal hook. Longer bait kind of bait hooks can be used by people who are new to the game, as well as children. On the other hand, shorter baits are more favorable for use in snells.

The Circle Hook

Circle hooks are usually circular in shape and designed with a barb that usually points inwards. They also come with a prominent bend, and with a shank that is shorter than usual.

The circle hook, unlike the normal hook, becomes displayed whenever a strike happens. The hook usually slides out of the fish’s throat, and once the hook has reached the exposed surface, which is usually the corner of the fish mouth, the barb then penetrates.

The hook point then rotates, allowing the hook to secure and set itself. You need to apply some steady pressure to prevent the fish from sliding away. This kind of hooks is mainly used in live baits.

Treble Hook

As the name suggests, this hook is built with three bends as well as three points. It also comes with just a single eye. The hook can hang on just about any kind of artificial lure.

In this case, you can use such as spoons, or even plugs through a split ring. In most circumstances, the fish usually goes after the type of lure you have set, and you must be quick to swiftly retrieve it.

This kind of hook is quite versatile and useful in keeping the fish on. It is because there is usually more than one hook in the fish’s mouth and therefore little room for it to break loose. These are quite effective when baiting for such types of fish like the salmon and trout.

Aberdeen Hook

This type of hooks is built with a long thin shank, and basically, made from light wire. Its commonly used in bait fishing. Its thin diameter allows the bait to hook quite easily, while the long shank allows you to remove the hook form the fish easily too, and with less damage. It works well with smaller fish types such as bluegill.

Octopus Hook

This one is designed with a short and curved shank. Just like Aberdeen, it’s especially preferable when bait fishing. You can use such live bait like leech through its sucker. Another popular live bait variant to the leech is the mosquito.

With the eye pointing away from the hook point, this hook is quite ideal as of when you want to tie egg loop knots, which usually come in handy in holding bait, or yarn. Most people would go for this type of hook especially when fishing for smaller mouth type of fish such as trout, salmon or Steelheads.

Worm Hooks

Worm hooks come in different varieties. For example, you have those with a wide gap or extra wide gap; others come with different eyes. Most of them are basically designed to fish for larger mouth type of fish species. You can use soft plastic baits, especially when using hooks that come with wide gaps. It ensures that there is always sufficient space through which the point can penetrate and access the fish lip, and setting well.