Another Incredible trip to Fish Great Inagua, Bahamas

We had wonderful weather the entire time, with only a couple of fast moving fronts. It was the pre-front days that brought the Permit in to feed on the flats. Despite many good shots and opportunities for everyone in our group at Permit, I was the only one of us to come up large. The fishing gods really smiled on me this trip. Somehow I outfished the boys every time. My saltwater game is coming into form and I’m making my shots count. We had lots of fun with Barracud..

Johnny spent months obsessing over the one that got away last year (it was longer than I am) and as a result developed some killer needlefish flies. The ‘Cudas absolutely could not resist them, and chewed every one we brought with us to bits. When we fished Inaguas salt lake for Tarpon we nailed a bunch of ‘Cudas also, and took them home with us to put on the grill….they are truly delicious!

Barracuda on the Fly

We fished the lake twice. I don’t believe I will ever get over the sight of those sleek Tarpon backs breaking water. You need a sunny day to truly succeed in the lake, (the visual is everything) but on both occasions the day started out sunny and quickly clouded over. Still, luck was with me. My second cast yielded a twenty pound Tarpon whose aerial assaults took him crashing into the mangroves… Our last day was insane wind and choppy water.

Johnny and I both jumped and landed a smaller (12-15lbs) fish before conditions deteriorated and we went deep into the mangrove maze to escape the roaring wind. No Tarpon in there, but plenty of Barracuda, and one massive Snook. On our way out, in sight of the boat ramp, we came upon a school of Tarpon in a sheltered lagoon.

It was my last cast of the trip. I put it right in front of them and came up with a lovely silver king. Keeping him out of the mangroves was quite the feat, but we managed it. Our initial estimate was that of a thirty plus pound fish. All I know is it was hard to hold up. You can be the judge.