Best Fishing Baits In 2020

Whether heading out for a early night fishing trip, or stocking up for that 5 am departure,>נר< Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle shop is available for you!

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  • The original Chatter bait
  • The hex-blade serves double-duty as a weed-guard to keep the hook from snagging on weeds or brush
  • Regulate depth by working it slowly
  • A moderate RATE
  • Crank the reel handle as fast as you can

googan baits

  • 7 Baits per Package
  • Slaunch Sauce
  • Creepy Pinchers
  • Perfect Length
  • Fish Won't Let Go


  • Included Components: Fishing Lure
  • Material Type: Synthetic
  • Sport Type: Fishing


  • Best bass lures
  • Brilliant colors
  • Metal ball inside
  • Wide range of appIications
  • Easy to use

spinner bait

  • Specializes in color and blade combinations that have been hand selected to match the forage base of smaller water
  • Small in size by spinnerbait's standards but has great features
  • Mustard Ultra Point hook and 60 strand ultra fine silicone skirts


  • The high quality hard swimbaits made of ABS material can withstand the wear and tear from fighting fish
  • Cranking with topwater depth from one to three feet
  • The 3D bluegill is 6-segment jointed to enhance the life-like swimming action, which causes the lure to swim in a side-to-side motion
  • The multi-section swimbaits help to keep a bass hooked during the fight by eliminating the leverage they have when trying to shake off a full-body bait

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This bait can be casted with a bait caster and the bait is 0.85oz and it won’t be too light for most bait casters.

Probably not, the Bait sections are jointed by thick cloth.

Large mouth fishing crankbaits is great for bass lures

Depends on the creek but I believe the natural color will work quite well if its got clear water conditions. I’ve used it in the New River along the NC/VA border (which is relatively shallow, pretty rocky, and the water is usually quite clear) several times and those smallmouth sure love it. If you’re fishing a more stained water creek I’d recommend going with the white or fire bug color. Hope this helps, take care.

Great for bass, never seems to draw in slobs though. Works best when casted along sunken limbs, weed beds, and boggs. They tend to rise quickly so retrieve at a moderate speed, in waters deeper than 8ft consider a pause in your retrieve every 5-10 seconds to let it dive a bit.

No, it is opened

We recommend the deep color diving crankbaits-8pcs.

we love them
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