Abu Garcia Black Max Review

Today we are doing a real review on the Abu Garcia Black Max. We’re going to go through it, see if it’s if it holds up to that price point or even if it’s better. See if it’s a good bait caster for you guys to start out with, because from what we’ve seen the black maxes want to be more popular reels to get into bait casting.

So we’re going to review it today. We’re just doing a first impression we’re going to catch it around a little bit and we’re not really expecting to catch any fish. The water level is relatively high and super murky so basically we’re just doing the first impression.

Today we’re going to be fishing for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, hopefully hook a few and see how durable it is. Lets  go over some of the specs to the obligor CF Black Max:

  • 5 ball bearings
  • Gear ratio six four one which is a pretty standard gear ratio. It’s pretty in the middle that’s more on the common word I’d call it all right
  • It is an 18-pound max drag it only weighs seven point 13 ounces which is decently light. I like to say at 12 pounds of mono
  • Can hold 145 yards which is a pretty good sized pool, so this is alright.

My first impression of the reel I’ve made by work is five or six cast so far it feels really good I’m going to stretch this for the price point it’s super smooth it fits nice in the hand. I got it right out of the package, just feels like solid quality, like it’s made a good components.

So far I don’t have any complaints about it I did really don’t know how it will perform you know fighting a fish or diver because obviously hasn’t hooked one yet. So far for the first impression, We are very impressed. been working this reel for a couple minutes now and nothing but good thoughts. First off darling this reel and didn’t take very long only like three cast, extremely quick, and I’m still able to get a large distance on my path. Feels really smooth.

We’re actually really impressed from the Abu Garcia Black Max, especially for a $99 price point it was super smooth. No complaints about it at all, definitely was worth the $99.  Only took maybe three or four casts to really dial that thing in. It had a really long smooth cast for for what it was. Definitely didn’t dial it in completely, but for how much time we had with the reel is extremely good.

This was only about an hour and a half so we’ll be able to give you a little bit of more information about the reel and how it it performs. Right now we don’t have anything bad to say. You should defiantly give it a try.

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