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Benefits of Using a Beauty Device

For many beauty aficionados, beauty devices are the secret sauce that transforms
your standard skincare regimen into a powerhouse routine skin tightening. These innovative tools
help deliver maximum results by amplifying the performance of your go-to products,
boosting absorption, accelerating results and more. Especially as millions of us are
sheltering at home during the coronavirus crisis, beauty devices offer an opportunity
to recreate in-clinic experiences from the comfort of our own homes.

The Benefits of Beauty Device Technology – CharlestonGOP
The majority of at-home beauty devices promise to improve skin tone, reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, clear acne and blemishes, plump lips, shrink
pores and diminish hyperpigmentation. Some of the most exciting new beauty tech
includes laser hair removal, LED light therapy and microcurrent facial toning.
However, it’s important to remember that at-home beauty devices are not as
powerful as their in-clinic counterparts and are likely to require consistent use for
visible results.
Depending on your specific concerns, you may want to consider pairing your device
with a targeted serum. This is particularly true if you suffer from a skin condition,
such as acne or hyperpigmentation. This helps to ensure that your device and your
serum work together in synergy to achieve the best possible outcome.
A popular example is the GloPro, a beauty gadget that combines light therapy with
microneedling to clear acne, reduce pore size and promote collagen production.

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According to the manufacturer, the handheld device emits red light while
microneedles punch microscopic holes in the skin’s surface, triggering the body’s
natural healing process to help treat acne and reduce the appearance of scarring.
As we’ve seen with the recent popularity of pore-suction beauty tools that physically
clear out pores, some devices may cause temporary irritation and inflammation,
particularly if you have active acne or inflammatory conditions like rosacea, eczema
or psoriasis. For this reason, it’s always recommended that you consult a
dermatologist before using any at-home beauty device.
Another common concern is fading or uneven skin pigmentation, which can be
tackled by a number of different at-home beauty devices, including dermaplaning
kits and this mini gua sha tool from Basecamp Beauty, which is handcrafted from
Tiger’s Eye gemstone. This tool works to sculpt and firm the face by gently scrubbing
the skin, which reduces puffiness and dark circles, while also increasing the
penetration of your favourite anti-ageing serums.
A growing trend that we’re seeing with at-home beauty devices is the desire to
enhance the results of skincare aps, which are smart formulations that work with
your smartphone and app to track your progress, record data and send alerts on any
changes in your skin health. The app-enabled GEMO LED light therapy mask, for
instance, is fitted with a range of different wavelengths of LED light to address the
most common skin concerns: blue light fights acne-causing bacteria, red light
reduces inflammation and boosts collagen production, and yellow light improves skin
texture and luminosity. As these technologies become more advanced, it’s likely
that they’ll also be able to integrate with other smart devices for optimum efficiency
and efficacy.

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