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Live EELS and COBIA Jigs at...1 Artificial Baits & Lures...2 Deep Sea Trolling Lures...3 Fishing CLothing & Apperal...4 Fishing Weights & Sinkers5 Fishing Swivels - Snap, Barrel, Stainless & More!6 Fishing Rod & Reel Combos...7 Fish photos at GBBT!8 Coolers - Yeti, Styrofoam, & More!9
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Gulf Breeze bait and tackle wall of fish photos

Welcome to the Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle Shop (GBBT) Website


We truly appreciate all of the business that you have continued to give us over the last three and a half decades. We look forward to many more.


We have always provided you with the best products at very competitive prices and will continue.


For the last 36 years Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle has served Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze areas for Inshore and Offshore fisherman. We take pride in all our services and products we provide.


Thank you, again, for the many years of your support.


- Vic Mitchell, John Wright, Victor Wright and Staff


Pensacola, FL Offers World Class Fishing
Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle Shop Provides World Class Gear!


The Pensacola area, including Gulf Breeze, Florida, is renowned for some of the best salt water fishing in the world. Whether deep sea fishing for Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Tuna, and Marlin, or bay fishing for Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, and Flounder Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle is the bait and tackle shop for you!


Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle shop is open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week during peak fsihing season. We offer live bait such as live shrimp, live fiddler crabs, and live sand fleas. We offer a large selection of the highest quality fishing tackle available.

From Penn fishing rod and reel combos to, Shimano, and Van Staal, you are sure to find the perfect rod and reel fishing combo for you next fishing adventure.


We sell every type of fresh and frozen bait you will need for any salt water fishing situation, and our saltwater tackle selection is second to none!

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Call us today and we can ship to you any where in the United States.

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We Build & Ship Custom Fishing Rods


Custom Fishing Rod Eyes By Gulf Breeze Bait & TackleStarting with the highest quality graphite & carbon/fiber blanks we custom wrap fishing rods for any type of fishing. One of our most popular custom rods is designed for the "ling" or Cobia fisherman in mind. With extra large eyes, durability, and flexibility, our custom Cobia fishing rods are quite possibly the best fishing rods available in the fishing industry today!


Pompano Fishing Tournament 2014
Click Here For Details

Current Standings:


  • 1st Place: Hung Nguyen - Weight: 5.74 lbs
  • 2nd Place: Bryce Bui - Weight: 5.30 lbs
  • 3rd Place: Joey Pollard - Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • 4th Place: Pete Hastings - Weight: 4.70 lbs
  • 5th Place: John White - Weight: 4.14 lbs
  • 6th Place: Arnold Valdez - Weight: 4.05 lbs
  • 7th Place: Jerry Lebakken - Weight: 4.03 lbs
  • 8th Place: Wade White - Weight: 3.96 lbs
  • 9th Place: Charlie Cerajewski - Weight: 3.82 lbs
  • 10th Place: Ben Smith - Weight: 3.71 lbs
  • Lady Angler: Susie Sutter - Weight: 3.75 lbs
  • Junior Angler: Kevin Teevan - Weight: 2.99 lbs


Sheepshead Fishing Tournament 2014
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FINAL Standings:


  • 1st Place: Kolt Boykin - Weight: 8.96 lbs
  • 2nd Place: Anthony Preble - Weight: 7.97 lbs
  • 3rd Place: Dustin Roberts - Weight: 7.73 lbs
  • 4th Place: Eric Czeck - Weight: 7.53 lbs


How to enter? Visit Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle shop in person to pay the $10 registration fee.


Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle
825 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561




Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle Shop Sells Fishing License!


Do you ever wonder where your fishing license fees go? When you purchase a fishing license you're helping to protect, conserve and enhance sportfishing for today and for generations to come. Fishing license fees help pay for fishery and hatchery management, habitat development and protection, fishing and conservation education and many other valuable programs. Find out more information regarding fishing licenses in our state.


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We are your Pensacola area 24 hour bait and tackle shop.


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